SPECIAL DAY Scala Hack-a-son 143th in KABUKIZA

Wed, 11 Feb 2015 13:00 - 20:00

Seminar Room in DWANGO, Inc. at Kabukiza Tower 14F

4-12-15 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo

ak soy-curd Shigeto Obata Shunji  Konishi 辻勇気 Naoki Aoyama (@aoiroaoino) SHIMADA 羽根 剛 Kaito Udagawa j.kugiya Shuya Tsukamoto Tsubasa Irisawa takezoux2 なかやん・ゆーき Toshiyuki Takahashi とーます + 13 more participants

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This "rpscala" has the longest history among Scala Meetup in Japan.
Today is special Hack-a-thon day thanks to holiday.


Seminar room at DWANGO, Inc. office in Kabukiza Tower in Ginza.


  • Kabukiza Tower is directly connected to the Higashi-ginza station in Asakusa Line or Hibiya Line.


  • Open at 12:45
  • Start at 13:00
  • End at around 19:30


Twitter #: #rpscala
Twitter account: @shibuyascala


URL: http://bit.ly/NW0lvI

Gitter chat room

URL: https://gitter.im/rpscala/rpscala

Wifi and Electrical Supply are provided. No prohibition of any drink or food on the venue.

You can also ask any help to twitter hash tag #rpscala if needed. An organizer or an attendee may pick you up.


Time Content Presenter
13:00-13:20 Self introduction Everyone
13:20-18:30 Hack-a-thon Everyone
18:30-19:30 LightningTalks or others about your hack Applicant (not everyone)
20:00- drinking Applicant (not everyone)

Any kind of participation is WELCOME! :)

Seminar Room in DWANGO, Inc. at Kabukiza Tower 14F
4-12-15 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo
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Scala Meetup Group in Tokyo

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